Hire engineers faster with take-home challenges.

Fairlane automates giving take-home challenges to your candidates. Cut down on phone screen time while giving your candidates a realistic coding test.

Traditional engineering phone screens are a waste of money:

1. Your engineers hate them because of the no shows, A/V issues and because it breaks their flow.

2. Your candidates don't perform at their best because they're working in a completely different environment from what they're used to.

3. You end up getting weak signal from the phone screen and are not sure whether to move forward or not.

Giving take-home challenges through Fairlane solves all these issues.

Regular phone screen tool Fairlane
Screen candidates without an engineer
Schedule challenges directly from Greenhouse
Get a simple pass/no-pass signal from the interview
Candidates show their skills in a realistic environment
Candidates get to work on their own schedule

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So, how does Fairlane work exactly?

Here's what the typical interview flow looks like:

1. Your recruiter schedules a takehome challenge directly from Greenhouse.

With Fairlane, you can send candidates a link to a takehome challenge. When they click that link, candidates get time-limited access to their own GitHub repo.

github repo created by fairlane
2. Your candidate receives an email from your recruiter, with a link to their own GitHub repo.

They can work on their project on their own, using their favorite IDE and tools. They will also be able to use all the integrations you'll have setup for the challenge (e.g: automatic test runs on commits with GitHub actions).

github repo created by fairlane

3. Once the time is up, they lose access to the repo.

We also let you know that the results are ready for review within Greenhouse.

no more access to takehome repo


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